We believe that the moments you want to remember aren't always perfect or scripted, they are uncut, raw and writhing with emotion.

We exist to create lasting memories with emotion and Grit.

Hoaloha, welcome to High Tide

Sleeping at
High Tide

The bungalow • bar Harbor, maine



Margrét + Jón

Our stay at the High Tide bungalow was absolutely dreamy! Amelia was a gracious host and took care of everything we needed!

Raving Client

Innovation grit a big data empower. Families, design thinking white paper; social intrapreneurship design thinking when valued.


Raving Client

Resilient initiative grit, society humanitarian problem-solvers; outcomes, agile outcomes, leverage thought partnership; disrupt.


Hightest of Praise

If you ask me, I am a self-proclaimed badass photographer that captures true emotion with all its grit and beauty. I also turned an opportunity into a goldmine and i'm here to share. Tones extraordinary taste xs couture artificial. 

Hi, I'm Amelia Campbell.

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Welcome to Bar Harbor

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